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JAWS, Ltd. / The Bog at Warren Grove

The bog at Warren Grove is the home of JAWS, Ltd. a venture started by Jason Austin and Bill Smith. It houses their private carnivorous plant collections in what Bill likes to call "the largest above-ground bog in North America". The bogs purpose is to serve as an educational demonstration site illustrating the horticultural possibilities of bog gardening. It's appeal will be to carnivorous plant collectors, botanists, and nature lovers of all stripes.

Jason, a trained horticulturist, and Bill, an obsessed amateur plantsman, met through their common interest carnivorous plants. They have since discovered the creative possibilities of combining carnivorous plants and their bog companions in both small, portable containers and large above-ground artificial bog structures.  The unique history of these plants and their role in the Pine Barrens ecosystem along with the Pineland Village of Warren Grove's unique central geographic location on the Route 539 between the East Plains pygmy pine forest and the renowned Webbs Mill bog all combine to produce a beautiful and unique botanical tableau.

The future goals for JAWS, Ltd. are to promote the interest and understanding of this unusual plant community and to contribute to its survival through propagation via seedling culture and selection of typical and unique clones. Ongoing sales of plants and custom designed bog containers and gardens will enable the adventure to continue and hopefully, the goals to be achieved.




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