Through our ecological consulting and design, our mission is to create beautiful sustainable gardens using native plant species.

“In the past, we have asked one thing of our gardens: that they be pretty. Now they have to support life, sequester carbon, feed pollinators and manage water.”

Garden Design 

  • We provide a wide spectrum of garden design services including consultation, customized garden design and landscape maintenance. The little plant company provides flexibility: you can undertake a project in stages or engage us primarily for planning and plant recommendations. You can hire us to complete some or all of the installation. Our expertise in plant selection brings added value to any project.

  • Let us help you achieve a beautiful and sustainable garden by:

  • Picking the right plants to thrive in your environment.

  • Helping with a garden refresh or makeover.

  • Replacing lawns with alternative low maintenance solutions.

  • Integrating edibles vegetables, and herbs into your landscape to make it beautiful as well as useful.

  • Creating habitats that include pollinator friendly practices

  • Creating stunning seasonal containers to dress up your patio, deck or garden. 

                                                                 One hour consultation ~ $150


Container Gardening

We also specialize in Container Gardening. Creating wild, untamed containers using an assortment of perennials and annuals. These will give texture, color and dimension to each vessel. We thoughtfully choose each plant with consideration of your specific environment. 

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